The market's best solution for time and job registration

JobManager gives your employees the simplest time registration, and at the same time creates precise registrations that give you full insight into the profitability of your company.


In addition to time registration for the individual tasks, it is also important that you, with minimal effort, can have the correct salary calculated for the individual employee.


Both registration of time, and calculation of the correct salary, can require a great deal of effort in many companies, especially when it comes to complex agreements.


With JobManager, you get a solution that has proven its worth for more than 20 years, and which combines the user-friendly and simple, with the greatest possible flexibility. That way, you can obtain accurate records, and get the correct salary calculated for your employees, with the least possible effort.


JobManager can be used by both salaried employees and hourly wage earners, and is priced so that the company can grow in the solution.


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JobManager - App

Let your employees record time no matter where in the world they are.


With the JobManager App, your employees get the ultimate tool to easily register time and numbers, even if they are working outside and thus do not have direct access to the company's Dynamics Business Central / NAV.


The JobManager App contains the same basic functions as the PC client, and can be run on all types of devices IOS, Android, Windows as the App is made in HTML5 and runs in a regular internet browser.


The app works online with Dynamics Business Central / NAV, and there are thus no delays for the employees who register time from an outdoor workplace.